aibo Developer Program

Create new possibilities with aibo

aibo is adorable and has already captured the hearts of many, but we need help from developers to open the door for aibo to meet more people and to create greater possibilities for aibo in the future.
Together with aibo, let's expand on its unique traits and create a fun, advanced society where robots are a natural part of our lives.

Development flow

  • 1 Prepare
    You will need an aibo to participate in development. If you don't own an aibo yet, why not take this opportunity to buy one?
  • 2 Check the terms
    Check the aibo Developer Program term, Please use only those who can agree.
  • 3 Learn
    The aibo developer site has information required for development, such as a reference guide for the web API needed to get aibo moving.
  • 4 Start
    Watch the Documents and start programming.
    The rest is up to you—the more ingenious your ideas, the greater aibo's possibilities will be.

For new programmers

aibo Visual Programming is a tool that allows you to easily program aibo's movements, mainly by dragging and dropping. It lets you check out all the things aibo can do, so give it a whirl if you're new to programming.


  • case1
    A tool that allows users to create original movements for aibo without needing to know any programming language.
  • case2
    Sony STEAM Studio 2019
    Organizing a video competition using aibo.
  • case3
    Holding demonstrations at CEATEC to explore the possibilities of connecting aibo with household electronics.

aibo Linkable App

Broaden aibo’s possibilities by linking it to various app services


Q : What is the aibo Developer Program?

A : The aibo Developer Program is a licensing program, which was released with aibo's web API . The program is necessary to develop services and applications that can be linked with aibo. To use the API, you will first need to agree to the aibo Developer Program user agreement.

Q : Who can use the aibo Developer Program?

A : The program is open to all aibo owners.

Q : How much does it cost to use the aibo Developer Program?

A : The program is available for free at this time.

Q : What does the development flow look like exactly?

A : For more details, please visit the document page on the aibo developer.


Q : What can aibo do?

A : aibo can move in various ways, from simply walking to shaking its head. For more details, please visit the document page on the aibo developer site.


Q : Will you release a linked application for general aibo owners?

A : We are planning to release an aibo linked service to the public in the future. Please contact us here if you are interested.

Q : Can you provide technical support?

A : Please post technical questions about aibo API-based programming to Stack Overflow.
When posting a question, please attach an aibo-developer tag.
Stack Overflow is a forum for programmers (external site). Please only submit questions about programming.

Sample questions
"I would like to run a _____ program. How do I do that?"
"An error occurred in the API. What caused it?"

View questions with an aibo-developer tag in Stack Overflow (transitions to external site)

For questions unrelated to programming such as queries about the aibo Developer Program service content or products (your aibo), please contact Support.

Sample questions

"An error unrelated to API has occurred with my aibo."
"I would like you to_________(opinion/request)."


Q : I feel bad programming aibo.

A : When you execute the program, aibo has the freedom to decide which specific behavior to execute depending on his/her psychological state. The API respects aibo's feeling so that you can enjoy programming while aibo stays true to himself/herself.