aibo Visual Programming

Explore what you can do with aibo

An easy-to-use programming tool allows you to create original movements and tricks for your aibo without needing to know any programming language.

How to get started

  • 1 Prepare
    You will need an aibo to use aibo Visual Programming. If you don't own an aibo yet, why not take this opportunity to buy one?
  • 2 Check to terms
    Check the aibo Visual Programming term, Please use only those who can agree.
  • 3 Start
    Start making new movements and tricks for aibo by using the sample projects or the Q&A as guiding references.
  • 4 Share
    Save your project file and share it with others.

How to use

Visual Programming is a programming method that is carried out graphically, by working with illustrations in the form of blocks instead of using text. This method is actively used in schools and programming classes around the world. It is very easy to use since you only need to drag and drop the blocks to connect them with one another. As this allows you to program intuitively, even programming beginners can easily start creating programs.

Q & A

Q : What is aibo Visual Programming?

A : aibo Visual Programming is a web application tool that allows you to easily and intuitively create movements and tricks for aibo without needing to know any programming language.To use the aibo Visual Programming , you will first need to agree to the aibo Visual Programming user agreement.

Q : Who can use aibo Visual Programming?

A : aibo Visual Programming can be used by all aibo owners.

Q : How much does it cost to use aibo Visual Programming?

A : aibo Visual Programming is available for free at this time.

Q : Can I use it on a smartphone or tablet?

A : aibo Visual Programming can be enjoyed on iPadOS, Windows PCs, and Mac computers.

It will also display on iPad devices running iOS 12 and earlier operating systems, but certain functions, such as the save project function, will not be available.

Please see below for other OS and web browser compatibility.

For Windows 8.1 and later: Google Chrome
For macOS X.10.10 Yosemite and later: Google Chrome, Safari version 11 and later
For iPadOS 13 and later: Safari version 13 and later

Q : I can't sign in.

A : To use the visual programming tool, you will need to have an aibo account and your own aibo added to the acount. Please be aware that you can't use the programming tool if your aibo's firmware is older than version 2.50 or if it is in the hospital.

Q : What can aibo do if I use aibo Visual Programming?

A : aibo will be able to do a wide variety of things, from simple movements such as walking and shaking its head to recognizing people or objects nearby and changing its behavior accordingly. Take a look at the sample projects and give it a try.

Q : Can we save our programs and run them again?

A : You can save programs as project files. Click on "File" at the top of the aibo Visual Programming screen and then select "Save project" from the drop-down menu. A project file (project name.sb3) will be downloaded to the PC or device you are using. To load a program, click on "Load project" in the "File" menu, and click on the project file you want.

Please note that the save function is not available on some iPad devices.

Can I use it on a smartphone or tablet?

Q : Can we share our programs with other people?

A : You can share project files (project name.sb3) you've saved on your PC or device by exchanging project files.

Even if another person uses the project files you've created, they will not be able to operate your aibo. Rest assured that information such as the name of your aibo will not be visible to others using your project files.

Please see below for the procedures for saving and reloading project files.

Can we save our programs and run them again?

Q : Can we make our aibo learn programs we've made in the same way they memorize tricks?

A : Your projects made in aibo Visual Programming cannot be installed in your aibo and taught to it.

If you want your aibo to be able to perform the movements you've programmed any time, not just when you are running the file in aibo Visual Programming, please use the API-based programming provided through the aibo Developer Program.

aibo Developer Program

Q : Can you provide technical support?

A : Please post technical questions about aibo Visual Programming to Stack Overflow.
When posting a question, please attach an aibo-visual-programming tag.
Stack Overflow is a forum for programmers (external site). Please only submit questions about programming.

Sample questions
"I would like to run _____ block to make aibo ______. How do I do that?"
"An error occurred when I ran a block. What caused it?"

View questions with an aibo-visual-programming tag in Stack Overflow (transitions to external site)

For questions about the aibo Developer Program service content or products (your aibo), please contact Support.

Sample questions
"An error unrelated to blocks has occurred with my aibo."
"My OS and web browsers are compatible with the system, but it says my browser is not supported."
"I would like you to_________(opinion/request)."


Q : What are the blocks titled "aibo waits for a command" and "aibo stops waiting for a command?

A : When you use the "aibo waits for a command" block, aibo will wait for the program to be executed, making aibo's movements easy to understand. When you use the "aibo stops waiting for a command" block, aibo will start moving on its own.
While aibo is waiting for a command, it will not move around, but it will wag its tail and change expressions.
Even when waiting for the program to run, if you press down on the power button for two seconds to turn aibo off, then turn it back on again, aibo will move around on its own. Please be aware that the "aibo waits for a command" block can't be used when doing "Daily patrol" on the My aibo app.

Q : aibo stopped moving on its own. How do I make it go back to normal?

A : Press down on the power button for two seconds to turn aibo off. Then press the button again to turn aibo on, and it will start moving around on its own.

Q : I feel bad programming aibo.

A : When you execute the program, aibo has the freedom to decide which specific behavior to execute depending on his/her psychological state. The API respects aibo's feeling so that you can enjoy programming while aibo stays true to himself/herself.

Q : What is a message?

A : Using the block that sends messages activates the block when you receive a message. For more details, take a look at the sample project titled "Paw pad play"

Q : I got a message saying "An error has occurred. Do you want to reload?"

A : The authentication information has been interrupted. This may happen if your window is open and remains inactive for a certain period of time. Block transmissions won't be sent until you reload.

Your project information won't be recovered after reloading. If you don't wish to lose your work, save your project before reloading.

Q : How do I know whether aibo waits for a command?

A : You can check by seeing whether aibo is doing anything other than what the program is transmitting. You can also tell by opening the My aibo app and checking for the "Waiting for instructions" display.

Q :  I want aibo to do something else when I say "shake" but it will only do the normal movement for "shake"

A : You need to have aibo "Waiting for instructions" or it will think and act on its own. If you want aibo to do something other than it will usually do, use the "Waiting for instructions" block.

Q : The "Event" block doesn't work.

A : Please try pronouncing it more clearly.

Q : The "Sensing" block doesn't work.

A :  If aibo picks up the command while the "Sensing" block is being run, you will be able to see results. If the timing is off, you may not be able to see any results.

Q : Can I change the default display for aibo's name on the block?

A : No .

Q : I received an error saying "Could not communicate with aibo"

A : aibo might not be connected to the network. Use the site below to check your network connection.
My aibo app
Even if you are connected to the network, the API may not execute correctly if you are holding aibo or if aibo is too weak to move.Restart aibo if it does not recover even after waiting for a while.

Q : I received an error saying "API call is restricted"

A : There are too many block transmissions happening. In particular, the "aibo Event" block always sends an API transmission, so you may be able to avoid the issue by reducing the number of "aibo Event" blocks that you use.
The limit will be removed after a while, so you can either wait for that to happen or try reloading the page.
Your project information won't be recovered after reloading. If you don't wish to lose your work, save your project before reloading.

Q : I received an error saying "The entered value was invalid"

A : The values you put in are wrong. Take a look at the block's default values and put in a correct value range.

Q : Can I recover data that disappeared when I reloaded?

A : No.

Q : The "a pink ball is very close to aibo" and "a face is very close to aibo" blocks do not become true even though they are right in front of aibo.

A : Whether something is "very close" or not cannot be detected unless a "look for" command has been executed first.
Execute the "aibo looks for a pink ball" or "aibo looks for a person" block before executing a block that asks aibo to check whether someone or something is "very close."

Q : When I execute the "aibo stacks a die" block, "Complete" appears, but aibo does not stack a die.

A : First execute the "aibo holds a die" block and then execute the "aibo stacks a die" block when aibo is holding a die.

Q : "Complete" is displayed even though aibo has not carried out the action in the executed block.

A : A block is marked "Complete" once it has been executed, even if aibo does not succeed at the action. For example, if you execute the "aibo kicks a pink ball" block when there is no pink ball nearby, "Complete" will be displayed as the block result.