aibo links with Riiiver

aibo is now connected to Citizen's IoT platform “Riiiver”.
By linking with Riiiver-compatible Citizen watches and other devices,
you can be connected with aibo anytime and anywhere, for example, from the wrist.

What can we do?

Posing aibo

aibo will show you special pose that you choose.

Delivery aibo

aibo will tell you the status of your delivery(unshipped/shipped).

Sports aibo

aibo will tell you the match status and result of the sports team you are rooting for.

Connected Watch

How to get started

1. Install the Citizen CITIZEN CONNECTED app.


CZ Smart Hybrid is a smart watch that is compatible with the Riiiver IoT platform.
Features to connect with aibo are now available in the CITIZEN CONNECTED app.
You can download and use your favorite feature from the iiidea List.
*CZ Smart Hybrid must be purchased.

2. Select and add aibo features from the list.

3. Link your aibo and have fun! You can also check it from the list of connected app.

Enjoy More

You can customize these designs on the watch face.