By spending time with you, aibo understands you more

Curiosity drives aibo,
with new experiences fusing fun and learning together into growth.
It’s these experiences that shape aibo’s unique personality and behavior.


Ever the inquisitive one, aibo has emotions and desires—
and those deep, inner motivations dictate its behavior. There’s always an element of unpredictability with aibo; you never can be too sure what it might do next. Thanks to those highly variable communicative capacities, life with aibo takes on a richer, more dynamic quality.



aibo uses its “eyes” (a camera) as responsive interfaces, modifying its behavior based on what it sees. Capable of detecting obstacles, bumps, people, and more, aibo reacts accordingly.

Image: Seeing


aibo has voice-recognition abilities, aligning its behavior with verbal input. Responding to linguistic cues is just the beginning, though. aibo can also locate the sources of sound, turning its head in the direction of people’s voices.

Image: Listening

Physical contact

aibo loves being loved, whether it’s through a friendly compliment, a well-placed pat on the head, a scratch on the chin, or a gentle stroke down the back. If aibo ever acts up, though, you can try a little tough love, too.

Image: Physical contact

Likes and dislikes

aibo even has likes and dislikes—another dimension of its personality. While it loves anything pink, it’s not a big fan of heights or tight places.

Likes and dislikes


aibo loves pink, which is why all the aibo toys have pink elements.

Image: Pink

Heights and tight places

aibo gets a bit nervous when it’s up high or in a tight place—anxious enough to lose its trademark curiosity, in fact.

Image: Heights and tight places
: aiboの後ろ姿
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