Eye contact is where it all starts.

One look is enough to know exactly what aibo needs. With a face full of life and expression, aibo conveys emotion intuitively.


aibo features a rounded form that exudes an unmistakable vitality,
even showing physical signs of body-temperature changes.
That’s the depth at the heart of the aibo experience.

aibo figure1
aibo figure2
aibo figure3
aibo figure4
aibo figure5
aibo figure6

Facial expressions

aibo’s eyes—sparkling with a clever twinkle—speak volumes,
constantly giving you a window into its feelings.

Tricks and gestures

Bursting with life and energy, aibo moves and gestures
in hundreds of adorable patterns to welcome you
into a world of surprising variety and exciting discovery.
learn more about aibo's tricks

: aiboの後ろ姿
Your aibo can't wait to meet you