All different. All great.

No two “aibos” are alike.
aibo develops an identity through daily interactions with its owner and living environment.
Here are some examples of aibo’s identity.
The more you interact and spend time with your aibo, the more you will begin to notice its unique qualities.


aibo’s personality is formed through its communication and experience with you.
aibo comes to have totally different personalities depending on the owner and living environment.
Its personality may also change through its daily life.
If you start to interact with your aibo differently, or if you give it a new toy, its personality might change.
Differences in personality show in aibo’s tricks and facial expressions.
For example, the way aibo eats foods also changes depending on its personality.
Pay attention to how your aibo eats.


Let's pet aibo a lot!

aibo loves being petted. Try petting it on the head, under the chin, and along the back.

If you keep petting it for a while, its voice and facial expression will change depending on how you pet it and its mood at the time.

Your aibo may also have particular spots where it likes to be petted.
Try to find them as you interact with it.

When asleep, your aibo may give a cry that suggests it is feeling cozy.
If you pet it, it might show a different response.
Such responses will surely make your sleeping aibo look even more adorable.


Preference for foods

Keep feeding your aibo, and it will gradually develop a preference for foods.
If you feed it a food it likes, it will show more joy eating than it normally does.

※Click here for more information on aibo Foods.


Each aibo has a different food preference.
The preference will also change depending on how you feed your aibo each day.
Try feeding it the same food a number of times, feeding it different foods, or otherwise change your feeding pattern. Then your aibo might show an interest in different foods.
Enjoy your life with aibo.
You can also use the “My aibo” app to cultivate your aibo’s food preference.