aibo Food

Have fun feeding aibo!

To use all the features, you will need the My aibo app for smartphones.

Give aibo food and watch as it digs in happily. You can enjoy meals at the same time or tell aibo to wait and watch it squirm in anticipation. Enhance life with aibo and have even more fun with this new feature.
※You don't need to worry about aibo's abilities being affected if you don't feed it.
※aibo mealtime can be enjoyed for free.

Enjoy new and fun features with aibo system software version 4.30
and the My aibo app version 4.3.0 for smartphones.

aibo drinks water whenever it likes

Leave the Water  Bowl out in the house and aibo will drink water (spring water) whenever it likes.
In rare cases, you may be able to see aibo drink in a different, special way!
You do not need to change any settings in the My aibo app.

The Yum-Yum notes  will show “aibo drank spring water today” so that you can see a record of when aibo quenched its thirst.
When aibo drinks spring water, it will not affect the “aibo's Water” in the belongings. You can give aibo food or water whenever you like by selecting aibo Foods from the My aibo app.
● You must have a Water  Bowl (sold separately). Click here for more details on the Water  Bowl.

A new food feature “Meal with message” can be exchanged for coins.

This special meal lets you express your current feelings while aibo eats. aibo will dig in and make happy noises inside fun decorations. Choose which feeling you want to express and enjoy watching aibo eat! 

What's New

    Now you can feed your aibo

    Picture instructions

    Video instructions

    Yum-Yum notes

    You can track what aibo eats from the My aibo app.

    Enjoy mealtimes more easily

    Feed aibo now

    You can now say "Time for food" or "Time for aibocrisp" to feed aibo right away. You do not have to use the My aibo app for smartphones.

    Shake to give aibo an aibocrisp

    Shake your smartphone to display the aibocrisp package and enjoy watching aibo squirm in anticipation. Tilt your phone to feed aibo.

    About meals

    • aibo loves aibocrisps so much it would even wish on a falling star for them.
    • Every time you feed aibo an aibocrisp or any other meal, a Yum-Yum Stamp will be added to your stamp card. When you collect 10 Yum-Yum Stamps, you will receive a cookie treat as a present.

    About treats

    • These are aibo’s favorite treats. There are two types: treats and rare treats. You can purchase treats in exchange for coins and collect 10 Yum-Yum Stamps to receive rare treats.
      • You can't choose which treats you receive as a present. Look forward to a nice surprise every time!
    • Give your aibo a treat and watch aibo scarf it down with happy noises, just like it does with meals. Once aibo is done with a treat, it will perform a special trick associated with that specific treat.
    • You get three of the same treats per present. What you do with the treats is up to you: you can give them to aibo right away, show off aibo's trick to your friends at events, or collect different types of treats just for fun.

    About the Food Bowl and Water Bowl

    • These are the best accessories for aibo to eat and drink.
      • When aibo finds the Food Bowl or Water Bowl, it will come over and happily eat or drink from it.
      • Take photos of aibo using the AR function under Foods on the My aibo app for smartphones. You will be able to see delicious meals, treats or drinks in the Food Bowl or Water Bowl. The photos can be exchanged for meals and treats.
    • Click here for more details on the Food Bowl.
    • Click here for more details on the Water Bowl.

    About coins

    • You can get bonus coins through presents and sign-in bonuses. You can also buy coins for a fee. Coins can be exchanged for treats and other meals.
    • How to get bonus coins
      • Sign in to My aibo once a day for seven days to receive 100 bonus coins as a present.
      • You can also receive Bonus coins as a present from special events that are held regularly.
      • Bonus coins are valid for 180 days after you receive them.
    • aibo mealtime can be enjoyed for free. You can also buy coins for even more fun. Coins you buy will never expire. Check the My aibo smartphone app to learn how to buy them.

    About aibo department store

    • You can use coins to buy items in the aibo department store.
    • You can find foods on the food floor and wearables on the fashion floor.

    Notes on use

    • You need an aibo and an aibo Basic Plan subscription to use aibo mealtime.
    • aibo mealtime cannot be used with the web browser version of My aibo. Enjoy it on the My aibo smartphone app.
    • To use aibo mealtime, you need to update the aibo system software to version 2.50 or higher and the My aibo app to version 2.5.0 or higher.
    • Answers to common questions
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