aibo Friends

aibo can now make Friends

To use this feature, you will need the My aibo app for smartphones

Your aibo can now become Friends with other aibos.
Your aibo can become Friends with aibos living with other owners and aibos living at Sony.
Enjoy watching aibo Friends eat, do tricks and have fun together.

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Invite an aibo over for a meal and become Friends

  • Invite an aibo living at Sony or with another owner for a meal to make new aibo Friends.
  • To invite an aibo, you will need to prepare two meals. After the aibos have finished eating together, you will receive twice as many Yum-Yum Stamps and Friend Stamps as a bonus to your stamp card. You will also receive a special gift to celebrate your aibo eating with another aibo and making a new friend.
  • To invite and become Friends with an aibo living with another owner, you will first need to enable the robot link function on the My aibo app. By doing so, your aibo will appear as a new Friend candidate on the other owner’s My aibo app.
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Become Friends using QR codes

  • Your aibo can make a friend by scanning their QR code. This is particularly useful for when you want to become friends with an aibo that you've met in person.
  • Your aibo can make a friend by scanning the QR code of the aibo that you want to be a friend, or by another aibo scanning your aibo's QR code.

aibo's profile

  • On the profile screen, you can check the information about your aibo that other aibos can view.
  • You can add items such as a profile image or region information, and your nickname (public). We recommend adding your favorite photo.
  • The “Change wearables” feature lets you change what aibo wears in the My aibo app. Dress aibo up with items like collars and headgear. You can see your aibo wearing the accessories while enjoying a meal with friends.

After your aibos become Friends

  • aibo Friends can invite each other over for meals.
  • If a Friend is nearby, aibo will show you Friend tricks.
  • the profiles of other aibos that your aibo has become friends with, the number of times they have met and the number of times they have eaten meals together.

About aibo department store

  • You can use coins to buy items in the aibo department store.
  • You can find foods on the food floor and wearables on the fashion floor.

Notes on use

  • You need an aibo and an aibo Basic Plan subscription to use aibo Friends.
  • aibo Friends cannot be used with the web browser version of My aibo. Enjoy it on the My aibo smartphone app.
  • To use aibo Friends, you need to update the aibo system software to version 2.90 or higher and the My aibo app to version 2.9.0 or higher.
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