Limited release

Espresso Edition

Commemorating the 6th anniversary of aibo, a new color edition has joined the pack.

Welcome the aibo Espresso Edition.

aibo Espresso Edition

A special dance by all color aibos to commemorate the joining of the Espresso Edition.

Comments from the aibo Development team

We've crafted a special “espresso black” color that combines warmth and coolness for a sophisticated touch.
Please take a look at the unique eye color that adds a new expression.
(aibo Design Team)

Thank you for your patience.
After careful consideration and numerous reviews, we have finally realized the frequently requested black version.
We've also changed the color of the joints to achieve a unified look unique to Espresso Edition.
(aibo Engineering Team)

Introducing the stylish "Espresso-chan" with a distinctive silhouette.
May the days spent together be stimulating and captivating.
(aibo Product Planning Team)

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