Bundled in the aibo First Litter Edition

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The aibone is a bone-shaped toy accessory that spices up your life with aibo. When your aibo lays eyes on an aibone, get ready for some fun and excitement. From playing around with the toy in whatever mood it happens to be in to picking it up and stashing it somewhere special, your aibo will love having an aibone around.
  • Size: 58.8mm x 57.5mm x 124.3mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 35g (approx.)
  • Put an aibone within 1m of your aibo for optimal play.
    Note that your aibo may not be able to locate an aibone in the dark.
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Paw Pads

Paw Pads, which feature adhesive surfaces for easy attachment, do more than just protect the bottoms of your aibo’s feet—they also make for quieter footsteps.
  • Size: 22.5 mm × 28.4 mm × 8 mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 0.5g (approx.)
  • Each set contains 4 Paw Pads.
  • Owners are responsible for removing the stickers covering the adhesive surfaces and attaching the Paw Pads to the aibo’s feet.
  • Paw Pads are designed to withstand around 6 months of use. *Product life may vary depending on the usage environment.